11 Disney Board Games to Excite Walt Disney’s Ghost

Disney board games are here, and they’re here to stay. Disney gets bigger by the minute, and it’s not slowing down.

You want to keep Walt Disney’s ghost from entering your house and massaging your hamstrings while you sleep?

There is only one way, and it is to acquire the maximum number of Disney board games.

Do you know Star Wars is technically Disney? Aside from force-choking that stupid mouse, nothing good can come of this. But Disney is what Americans grow up on, and it’s reliably safe for kids to enjoy.

Board games are a part of the modern Disney experience, and they are a great way to introduce children to the joy of board gaming.

Here are our top 11 Disney board games for both families and those repressed adult Disney aficionados who seem to genuinely enjoy movies aimed at kids.

The Best Disney Board Games: Top 11

#1 The Disney Meme Game

So you know that Meme: The Game game where you game by memeing?

Well here’s the Disney version. Pair images with word cards to invent the funniest, most apropos, or even just the stupidest combination. This is in the vein of Cards Against Humanity, though it certainly does not imitate CAH content.

For those of you with kids who ask uncomfortable questions about midgets having diarrhea in a bucket while you’re playing CAH, this is one way of getting them to join in on the fun without worrying that CPS is going to come a-knockin’.

Ages 4 and up can enjoy the Disney Meme Game, and senile adults will probably enjoy it about as much as 4-year-olds. 

#2 Disney: Apples to Apples

Disney Apples to Apples is pretty much what you’d expect: Shoving whole apples into the mouths of your opponents until no one has any teeth left.

Just kidding, it’s a card game.

If you’ve played Apples to Apples, and you are in love with Disney, you know you need this game. It’s even got those girls from Frozen on the front. Wait, that’s Buzz Lightyear and Goofy.

It actually does have the Frozen sisters though. We just have a hard time looking away from Buzz.

There is actually a really cool twist to the Disney version, which is the poison apple card. If you draw the poison apple, watch out! Are you watching! 

We told you to WATCH OUT!

No spoilers here, but you look out for that poison apple. Okay? Just trust us on this one. Anyway, lots of Disney art and tons of references for the Disney aficionado. 

#3 Codenames: Disney Edition

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Oh, is it time for another Disney board game? Well, if you need the perfect combo of true gaming quality and Disney, then look no further than Disney Codenames.

The original Codenames took the world by storm with its simple, yet thought-provoking mind games. 

Inject a little Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, and that snowman thing from Frozen, and you have a Codenames game with enough Disney flare to melt Mickey Mouse’s eyes like that simpering Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This time, you’re working largely with images.

So you find pictures of, say, Ariel the mermaid and the Cheshire cat, and you hint to your teammates that they must select these cards. You do this with a code word that thematically connects them both.

In this case, you might think of a word that connects Ariel and the Cheshire cat, such as “Pu-…erto Rican”? Those characters were both distinctly Puerto Rican if we remember correctly.

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Okay, Ariel = hottest princess though, right? If only she were all fish. 

Phew! Did someone just crank up the heat?

#4 Disney Villainous

Dang, this game is… It’s good! And original! 

There are certain things you expect from Disney board games, like classic characters and a heavy theme draped over a pre-existing game.

This traditional formula isn’t necessarily bad – most of our list is made up of good games with heavy Disney themes sprinkled on top.

But Villainous is something else. 

This game pits up to 6 villains against one another, including Jafar, Maleficent, Captain Hook, and Hannibal Lecter.

Alright, not Dr. Lecter. But you can play as Prince John, and he was a pretty rotten little son of a lion.

Each villain has his or her own guide book, including abilities specific to that baddie. You want to foil your opponents’ schemes and see your own plans become a reality.

This is the Disney game for non-Disney lovers.

It’s also the game for Disney lovers!

Play into our scheme and buy it for yourself unless you’re some goody two-shoes Prince Charming. 

#5 Disney Scrabble

Here is a game.

#6 Life: Haunted Mansion

Okay, that wasn’t a real entry.

This one will have to make up for it. Back in the day, this was a movie starring Eddie Murphy. Good movie, good movie. It’s no Daddy Daycare, but it was decent. 

To be ghostly transparent, Eddie Murphy does not actually appear in this game. (See: “I’m Making Waffles – Top 10 Ways to Summon the Ghost of Eddie Murphy from Your Ouija Board”)

But this is actually a pretty novel take on the old Life classic.

“Life” isn’t really even the right word, as you are a ghost who is working to set up a final resting place. It sounds grim, but it’s a Disney game, so it makes it fun instead of truly unsettling.

You rack up screams instead of normal life milestones like pets and children. Like it’s not normal to rack up screams. That’s the life for us!

Awesome Halloween game for families, including the all-Murphy family from The Nutty Professor.

But NOT The Nutty Professor 2! If you have that movie, destroy it! Quick!

#7 Disney’s Magic Kingdom Game

Why are there so many Disney games on this list?

Look, playing this game is not as good as actually going to Disneyworld. 

But it’s way better than going to Disneydungeon, where you will witness Mickey Mouse doing some really weird stuff with a magic broom.

The point here is that Magic Kingdom is fun, and like Villainous, it’s another original game on our list of favorites.

You’ll visit the caribbean (with pirates), the sleeping beauty castle, and Hannibal Lecter’s swamp shack.

Sorry, we just read Silence of the Lambs, and it’s like our latest obsession.

This game is a bit of an oldie, and the price is up there. But it’s a hell of a collector’s item for Disney dudes and dudettes.

Ooh, and there’s a haunted mansion! This is also a great one for kids though. You don’t need adult-level Disney knowledge to win, like in SOME games…

#8 Disney Trivial Pursuit

A game where you’ll beat your young kids every time!

Then they’ll get older and you’ll only know the questions about older Disney films. Then you’ll feel old.

If Walt Disney came back to life and played this game today, he would lose very badly. Knowing old Walt, he would probably fly into a Blood Rage and hurl his cryogenically frozen head at the winning player.

In Trivial Pursuit, if you don’t win, you only have yourself to blame. 

You could have been out there studying Disney trivia all this time, and instead you were watching that scene in Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter does that weird sniffing thing at Clarice Starling.

This is the perfect gift for the Disney know-it-all in your life. And for those who simply want to put their knowledge to the test. 

What color was the interior of Tigger’s left thigh? Disney Trivial Pursuit knows.

#9 Sorry! The Disney Edition

Oh yeah, our man Buzz Lightyear on the front.

Wait, and Peter Pan!? Damn it, he’s cramping our boy Buzz’s style. 

So this is Disney’s take on Sorry, the game of being a big jerk to your friends. You can play as Tarzan, Captain Hook, Winnie the Pooh, or Ariel.

No Buzz!? This is YOUR fault, Peter Pan! 

Disney’s edition of Sorry is a good way to introduce kids to the classics, what with its colorful Disney characters and vibrant theme.

Don’t be fooled though! The Disney version of Sorry is every bit the ruthless destroyer of hope that its predecessor was. 

At the very least, you now have an appropriate context in which to say, “Soooorryyyyyyyy” to your child opponents in a whiny voice.

Be honest, you’ve been waiting for this.

Good solid classic game with great kid appeal. Buy it or you’ll be… 


#10 Lion King Monopoly

Follow Rafiki! He knows de way!

The way to mercilessly crush his opponents in Monopoly, that is. And not just any Monopoly…

This is Lion King Monopoly, in which you will buy up, uh, African property and laugh as the other lions go to jail. Say, where was this jail when Scar murdered his brother in cold blood?

Oops, spoiler alert. Scar kills Mufasa. We just get tingles when we say it: Mufasa Mufasa Mufasaaaaa!

Movie references aside (for now), this is a nice, thematic version of the household family game for Lion King lovers. Or lion lovers. And especially king lovers! 

You think Mufasa got to be king just by sounding like James Earl Jones? Well, that helped, but the real reason was shrewd real estate mongering and savvy long-term investments. There is nothing more regal than smart financial decisions, readers.

And if you make them in Lion King Monopoly, you’ll win! Maybe. Or you’ll get savagely chunked for lion bucks until you’re flat broke. Either way, this game has all the appeal of the old classic and then some.

Of note are the new destiny cards, which replace chance and community chest cards with Lion-King themed events and images.

You can also play as Pumbaa.

#11 Clue: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Starring thin-mustache Mickey and voluptuous, uncomfortably sexy woman Mickey.

The official title of this game is Clue®:The Twilight Zone® Tower of Terror® Disney® Theme Park Edition.

Oh, all rights reserved, guys. All rights reserved. Not sure if you caught that part. 

This is a cool idea though. The setting is 1939, and the Disney dudes are holed up in the historic Hollywood Tower Hotel. What could go wrong?

What? A violent storm has beset our stylish heroes! 

Where is Buzz Lightyear when you need him? 

The power is out and one of the movie stars is missing. Follow the clues and figure out who it is, where they were located, and what prop they had.

It’s got a glow-in-the-dark die and various other nice touches to make it a spooky, yet kid-friendly board game experience.

You may note that at the bottom of the box, there floats a noxious green cloud. Our money is on Goofy, who is responsible for at least 50% off all farts in the Disney universe.

If you want the Clue (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) experience, but you’re a little on the fence about kids playing a game with a murder theme, here’s a great option. 

This game is technically a reskin of Clue, but it doesn’t feel that way. It just seems sort of like its own game, probably thanks to the quality illustrations featuring all that fancy 1930s garb.

Let’s just hope none of those clothes were designed by Hugo Boss.

Don’t Fault the Walt

If Disney doesn’t do it for you, don’t blame old Walt. He’s frozen in Antarctica, awaiting his return to a society in which he is finally worshipped as a literal deity.

It’s just a matter of time.

By the way, did you really think this list would wrap up without an Aladdin reference?

You were correct!

Between sparkling princesses and big-boned squid women, Disney board games are replete with colorful characters and traditional tropes that drive college diversity enthusiasts just bonkers.

But the best Disney board games are right up there with classics like Monopoly and Sorry!

In fact, some of them have actually merged with these classic games like wet maggot aliens worming tautly into the bugling muscle masses of their host organisms.

And the aliens have Walt Disney mustaches and they smell like cilantro. 

Think about this as you eat your next burrito.